Elite Property Maintenance



Are your cleaning products safe for the environment?

Yes! We use eco-friendly cleaning products to protect the grounds around your property. 

What is a soft wash?

A soft wash is a cleaning technique that uses low water pressure to ensure no damage occurs on the exterior wall and paint.

Do you work with body corporate and commercial premises?

Yes, we can work with your Property Manager or designated person to provide a full quote and accommodate any special requirements relevant to your property. 

Have you got insurance?

Yes! We have full Public Liability Insurance for your protection and peace of mind.

What happens if there's a problem with your work?

We rarely have any problems with our work but if you're not satisfied with a job we've done, we'll quickly go back to the property and do what we can to resolve any issues.

Can I get a regular clean?

Absolutely, we can book cleaning in for every 6, 12 or 18 months and recommend this as a way to stay on top of your cleaning maintenance. Let us do it for you!